27 December 2009

the start of something new

clouds of steam, train tunnels..and eventually a train.

25 December 2009

merry christmas

loads of new stuff to upload but here is something for today.

14 December 2009

weak week

i cant stop coughing.

updates and christmas soon. theres alot to show

7 December 2009

my shoulder has an issue

heres something finished for once

6 December 2009

art nouveau

why do i need to write an essay about you?

on the plus side of things i am working on something that might be nice.

back to writing..

5 December 2009

misspelt signs

taking a break from essay writing to post an image of J. Lion and i taking a break from signage project.

..we (along with padz) are making signage for a music museum. see if you can spot the puns (its fairly easy as theyre the bits in bold and massive (and epicly spelt) lettering).

i should really stop taking breaks.