19 January 2010

Image Rollover Effect

18 January 2010

ace in the hand

finally got my assignments sorted and handed in for assesment.
which means a week off to do some personal projects and more comissions. winner.

as i type 1000 CDS, 150 tshirts and many badges are being pressed, printed and shipped bearing artwork from yours truley. super excited to see the end result, picz will come at the weekend.

as of february im going to stop taking comissions (unless theyre really really good) and focus on personal stuff so hopefully my portfolio will be a sweet peice.


10 January 2010


i forgot how painful sundays are at uni.

working on this right now.. im hoping this time next week all my 'working on' posts from the last few months will culminate in a nice 'finished' post.. ahem

anyway -

7 January 2010


back to universe city next week.
so there will be genuine work showing up both from what i got up to last term and some of the things i'll be working on too.. im stoked to say that 2010 will bring new things in life and art.

so happy new year to all of you, and look out for excitement. scary scary exciting new life.