13 January 2011


working on a few things at the moment - will be updating properly soon but at the moment i am working on my tumblr.. which can be found @ http://www.theotherclarkson.tumblr.com

for now here is a photo of the train ride back from manchester (the light is supposed to say "on't train")

23 December 2010


feeling terrible. will post some new stuff very soon but it would appear LOADS of stuff is going wrong right now.


20 December 2010


so creatively drained today, feel terrible and want to do much more work but it is NOT happening.

however updated the Ruins of Earth myspace with a variation of one of my snow photographs, looks okay but myspace sucks hard..

and yeah, i was googling teeth..

19 December 2010

Hello Yearbook.

Light levels were crap but managed to get some fairly cool photography done of the Yearbook lads.

need to think about getting my camera fixed up. for real.

18 December 2010

"Alan, it's Tom. Please proof read your blog."

who will survive in america?

white lines.

i was hoping to come away today with some great photos of yearbook.

Instead it snowed and after a 5am drive home and a tiny amount of sleep, the roads were too much for my weary body and small car.

So, i went out to the woods behind my house and took some photos:

turns out there were some hunters out there, one of them called me a 'nutcase' for being out with a camera - he had a shotgun and a shaved head. i know which one of us is more mental.

the above are dead birds, shot down by the lovely men in the woods.

(snow on the lens..)