21 February 2010

y e a r b o o k

a / b e g i n n i n g

shall be illustrated upon

18 February 2010

oh dear


5 hour project to come up with an image for 'deception'.

I chose the idea of deception surrounding the Apollo 11 moon landings being faked..and the secondary conspiracy that Stanley Kubrick had been recruited to use his 2001: a Space Odessy experience to create the said hoax.

as per usual no one understood it.

the internet didnt like the colours so i took them out..

again, bleugh

16 February 2010

sub standard photoshop crap

i nearly died of tiredness in this lecture

11 February 2010


continuing the theme of video..

A Joey Lion/Clrksn corssover - Growth

The film is about 600 frames of stop motion animation.

Interpret it as you may, just be sure to watch it in HD (720p)


4 February 2010

ROE on iChoons

Sweet, Ruins Of Earth EP has been done for a little while and is going down a storm.
AND now its been put on itunes and amazon which is awesome - some stuff floating around the internet is always a treat.

here are some (awful, awful) photos.