27 December 2009

the start of something new

clouds of steam, train tunnels..and eventually a train.

25 December 2009

merry christmas

loads of new stuff to upload but here is something for today.

14 December 2009

weak week

i cant stop coughing.

updates and christmas soon. theres alot to show

7 December 2009

my shoulder has an issue

heres something finished for once

6 December 2009

art nouveau

why do i need to write an essay about you?

on the plus side of things i am working on something that might be nice.

back to writing..

5 December 2009

misspelt signs

taking a break from essay writing to post an image of J. Lion and i taking a break from signage project.

..we (along with padz) are making signage for a music museum. see if you can spot the puns (its fairly easy as theyre the bits in bold and massive (and epicly spelt) lettering).

i should really stop taking breaks.

30 November 2009

lolography v2

my throat hurts alot.

26 November 2009

23 November 2009

first roll of b&w film in a year or so.

excuse the arty/angly shots but here are 10/36 of a film i took today for practice.
(click to enlarge) (thats what she said)

the setup for a new week.

new projects coming my way this week so expect some photography and some abstract concepts for another project..woo.

for now i was reminded of a few old pieces today so i thought id share.

and hopefully some real prints of the ruins layout soon.


21 November 2009

slow day at the office

mon the empire

my art folder is much more awesome now

18 November 2009

ruins of life

just a few things left to do to this but fingers crossed, nearly done!

and how i feel as a result of finishing something for once...

17 November 2009

new idea!

new layout idea for a general design for The Fortunate, going to be more layered, textured and coloured. but for now...

12 November 2009


me and JL had a go..

6 November 2009

coming soon

5 November 2009

hi my name is photobooth

so. much. starwars

LDN photos

an illustration student taking photos? i feel sick.

4 November 2009


its late, this dosent need explaining.

31 October 2009

happy halloween

bloom has too many pictures of iron man.i have too many crazy dreams.

30 October 2009

Yo October!

Okay so this is what i got up to this last month. As of November i'll start updating regularly and have a load more projects and cool bits posting up on here. check it out and drop me some critz.


9 October 2009

first post, nice.

Okay so this is going to be the general area where over the next three or more years i will be posting up all the work i am doing at university and for other people.

If you like any of it let me know, tell your friends and sit smiling.
Going to update with some slightly older stuff to begin with but like all addictive social activities, I’ll start to upload art and other bits in real time.

enjoy etc.