23 July 2010

today i am going to sit and do something i haven't done in an extremely long time.


i forget how much i used to draw the same thing over and over again because the computer has stolen me away but my lines and ideas are shit at the moment. let's see what i can trick my brain into doing.

18 July 2010

in the flesh

obviously not my flesh..

and a few detail shots!

17 July 2010


A brief we had last term was to create a identity and postering campaign for 'A to B' - celebrating 50 years of design for the London Underground.

I focused on the most basic and effective (in my opinion) design aspects of a few different designs associated with the Underground.

More to come, but here is the main result of my werrrrkkkk.

some OLD work

something for the weekend, a project i worked on in my foundation year.
first real experimenting with screen printing so its all a bit dodgy, layouts are all over the place but they still look kind of cool!

using layered tones rather than colours to try and influence mood.

14 July 2010

photoshop is for girls - manual photography

some photography i started and worked on last term - all photo techniques are achieved manually either in the dark room or through lensed based trickery. fuck computas.

i seriously will update later.

11 July 2010


been getting back into using a camera a bit, so this means im dedicating the next two days to photographing and scanning loads of work that is lying around and im going to have a mammoth update. tomorrow is to be the updata.

some nice photos from the last week are below.. im going to take my camera to wales this week and hopefully i get to see something other than small venues and sweaty guys.